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CM should apologise for inflicting grave economic injuries: Shiv Sena

Panaji: Goa Shiv Sena on Friday accused Chief Minister Pramod Sawant of inflicting grave economic injuries and demanded that he sould apologise for the same.

In a statement, Rakhi PrabhuDessai Naik, Spokesperson, ShivSena, Goa State, said the per litre petrol prices in Goa hitting a record of Rs 100 was final nail in the coffin of late Manohar Parrikar’s legacy and his aspirations for the State.

Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant and BJP government in the centre should publicly apologise to the soul of late Parrikar, who had a conviction that control in the petrol prices curbs the inflation, he said.

“While unemployment rate and inflation are sky-rocking in the state under Dr Pramod Sawant’s rule, he will also be credited for achieving this milestone of Rs 100 per litre petrol price in the state. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Sawant would be remembered for this achievement, which has further pinched the pockets of common people. Shiv Sena strongly demand that the government should come out with the measures to reduce the rate of petrol in the state as the prices of crude oil internationally are at the lowest,” she said.

“The common people are just moving out of the shadow of covid-19 infused economic setback. The petrol prices are directly affecting the budgets of common people. At least, for the sake of luring the voters, BJP-led government should reduce the petrol prices. BJP government, which is boasting of introducing the social welfare schemes, is actually stealing money from the pockets of common people to make up for their revenue deficits,” she added.

Naik said the common people with hand to mouth living were paying for the failure of state government and Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant to run the economy of the State.

This mess created by BJP would not be tolerated as voters are getting ready for a change during 2022 General election. BJP will be sent home for their anti-people policies,” she added.

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