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CM to enforce NSA against religious vandalism

Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar said the National Security Act (NSA) will be enforced if required, against those involved in acts of desecration of religious structures.

“If the normal law does not allow government to put culprits behind bars, then government will not mind enforcing NSA to hold them in jail,” Parrikar told media persons.

Under NSA, a suspect can be held in jail for a year as a measure of preventive detention.

Parrikar was reacting to the desecration of three religious structures within three days of the BJP government taking office in Goa. Parrikar said, “I have taken these incidents very seriously, because these are the same forces which have been opposing us in government formation. They are trying to defame Goa and they want to divert attention from development and good governance.”

Parrikar said there are worries that the desecrations are to spread word that when BJP comes to power, attacks on Catholic cemeteries or Muslim kabrastans take place. “These incidents have taken place in areas where BJP Catholic MLAs have been elected and we have tightened security. The person held responsible for this will face the music,” the chief minister added.

“I have directed police to use all resources for investigation. We will use all power of the law on such people who try to damage the feelings of the people by damaging any religious structure,” Parrikar said.

On Saturday three incidents of desecration of religious structures were reported in Goa. Parrikar said the Mapusa cross incident could be an accident, while another could be a theft but the Curchorem incident where a cemetery and kabrastan were desecrated were a serious issue.

Government has also decided to provide compensation for repairs of the damaged religious structures.
A day after the desecration, police are still clueless over the identity of the miscreants or the motive behind the incident.

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