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CM To Send Babush Report To High Command

Chief Minister Digambar Kamat today informed Goa Chronicle that he would be sending a report on Education Minister Babush Monserrate episode to the party High Command, however, remained non-committal on whether any action will be taken against the minister or not.
“Babush has given me a full report of what happened in Mumbai and further told me that he will provide all the documents required by the officials when he appears before them,” he said adding that the final decision of the authorities should be awaited.

While conceding that carrying excess amount is a lapse on the part of the minister, he however, pointed out that if all the money is accounted for then there is no question of any black money involved.
Dismissing the various reports of the money involved, he said as per the figure provided by the authorities, the exact amount found with Babush was amounting Rs 22.99 lakhs.
He said he was willing to make a statement in the House on the matter but the Opposition did not allow him to.
The Chief Minister also informed that he would be sending a report to the party High Command on the matter and conceded that the lapse of carrying more than permissible amount would be mentioned in the report.

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