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Apparel for the Techies – CodeCostume

With the advent of online businesses; apparels, electronic items, household products etc., are all available in plenty with the customer being spoilt for choices. There is no doubt that apparel e-commerce has reached its saturation point, but if one observes closely, then one notices certain dearth of appropriate content for target audiences like the tech people, entrepreneurs, teens and the aged, which is what CodeCostume targets!



Founders, CodeCostume


For Every Coder’s Wardrobe – CodeCostume

CodeCostume was started to cater to this niche market and it targets mainly to the coders, Internet entrepreneurs and the designers. With its tagline ‘Apparel for Tech, it has managed to grab the eye-balls of the selected audience, which was feeling the shortage of quality apparel. Prioritizing quality of the products, they have premium cotton t-shirts, by which, they have cultivated a sense of trust with their customers. Their marketing and sales is purely online and the t-shirts are shipped worldwide. 


The Fruitful Journey – CodeCostume 

CodeCostume was founded in the year 2018 and is headquartered at Mumbai. Mr. Pratham Agarwal is the Lead Designer and Tanishq Sharma is the Lead Developer of the team. Pratham Agarwal an entrepreneur and avid designer, 21, has independently worked in various digital marketing and web development fields and independently handles a design agency. Tanishq Sharma, 21, is an entrepreneur and a product developer having worked closely with over 100 clients and has also incubated a couple of start-ups. They have been working together for quite some time and hence they have a good sense of collaboration and understanding. They currently provide design and development solutions to brands, either independently or jointly. With CodeCostume, the mode of online execution was rather seamless and undemanding, given their work experience background. But the most challenging and new concept was that of setting up a shipping cycle, its legal permissions and the manufacturing unit. With due prioritization, they have been able to swim against the tide and cross the hurdle effectively.


The Interesting Future Ahead for CodeCostume

With their own money invested, the duo has already experienced traction and sales organically in the development phase. This brand has gained international response and ranks in the top for global actors like redbubble, teepublic, spreadshirt etc. CodeCostume has an impressive marketing campaign lined up and will be launching other products online like hoodies, bags, mugs and caps soon. CodeCostume provides unique apparel for the technically-inclined people. The company fully believes in simplicity, passion, purpose, innovation, beauty; all of this with an element of ‘surprise.’


With a solid digital marketing background and impressive product quality, it will not be long before CodeCostume will be one of the most sought after brand globally.



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