Coin Walking – The Most Amazing Rewards App Debuts in India

Korean entertainment and gaming conglomerate Barunson Entertainment & Arts Corporation (KOSDAQ 035620) today announced the launch of their world class Walking Rewards APP “Coin Walking”. This is the first App that they have launched exclusively in India and will be available in the Google play store and shortly in the AppStore as well.

Coin Walking is a rewarding pedometer mobile app that uses the built-in sensor of the user’s mobile device to count steps. It will calculate burned calories, walking distance and time and users will be rewarded coins for their progress!

Coins that are claimed as rewards can be used in Coin Walking shop to redeem various real-life products available in the shop. One can easily access their progression through the statistics tab provided. Coin Walking will never track GPS so it will save battery.

Whenever a user is signed in, while the phone is in their hand, pocket or bag, if they have their phone with them while walking, it will automatically record their steps even if the device is locked.

No 1. Walking Reward App

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Salient App Features

Get Rewarded
User will receive coins as they walk. Coins can be used in the shop to redeem various products!

Record Progress
The recorded information provides easy to understand progression that users accomplish so that they can track history and self-motivate themselves to keep on track. They can check their daily, weekly and monthly statistics as well as coin history.

Win Big
User can enter events for chances to win big prizes using either coins or platinum. Platinum will be awarded to user for walking 10,000 steps in a day.

Save Battery
This pedometer uses the built-in sensor to count user’s steps. No GPS tracking, so it barely uses battery.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Michael Byung-Soo Kim, Chief Strategy Officer, Barunson E&A, said, “Walk, Reward, and Shop. We are pleased to be launching a mobile application in India that will help you stay healthy and allow you to shop for products with rewarded coins. For you to redeem products, the only thing we ask you to do is just walk. We will try our best to make this to be the best rewarding app possible with continuous updates so please provide any feedback as you use.”

About Barunson E&A

Barunson E&A is a company founded in Republic of Korea,1997. The company thrives in various entertainment services such as movies, games and mobile apps. Including ‘HIT’, a globally successful mobile game launched in 2015, we produced ‘Parasite’ the movie that won the Palme d’Or award at the Cannes Film Festival in 2019. Starting from 2019 mark, we would like to expand our services globally and India will be the first country with Coin Walking being the first service.

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