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Collapsed electric poles is a reminder of ‘corrupt regime’ of Parrikar: Goa Congress

The Congress on Monday alleged that the collpased electric pole on ‘Atal Setu’ had once again reminded of corrupt regime of then Chief Minister late Manohar Parrikar.

In a statement, Goa Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) Spokesperson Arch Tulio De Souza said,”Congress party had alleged a scam of Rs 45 crore in fixing of electric poles on the third Mandovi Bridge. The corruption is now coming to the fore with those electric poles collpasing now. We hope that those who want to take forward the legacy of U-Turn Master late Manohar Parrikar are now watching.”

He alleged that BJP functionaries in Goa made huge fortunes from the commissions and kickbacks of the approximate Rs 800 crore expenditure incurred on the third Mandovi Bridge which was was hurriedly inaugurated by the then Chief Minister just to ensure that his name was engraved on the plaque.

”It is unfortunate that till today the bridge is not made fully operational with two wings of the new bridge still closed for vehicular traffic. The bridge developed cracks within a year of its opening which are yet to be fully repaired. The roads on the bridge developed potholes. The concrete debris below the bridge are yet to be cleared by the contractor. This bridge is the best example of BJP’s loot,” the Congress leader said.

”We are worried that the electric poles may start collapsing one after the other endangering the lives of the people. We demand that Government must do the structural audit of the bridge immediately and ensure safety of commuters said,” he said

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