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Collegium reiterates recommendations for appointment of Judges to Kerala, Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh High Courts

Following a meeting held on March 2, the Supreme Court Collegium has reiterated earlier recommendations made with respect to the appointment of Judges for the High Courts of Kerala, Karnataka, and Himachal Pradesh.

For the Kerala High Court, the Collegium has reiterated its earlier proposal to recommend advocates Viju AbrahamMohammed Nias CP and Paul KK for elevation as Judges.

The recommendation made by the Collegium of the Kerala High Court on March 7, 2018 for the elevation of Viju Abraham and six other Advocates, was first considered by the Supreme Court Collegium on October 9, 2018. Viju Abraham’s case was deferred to be considered after some time. His case was again deferred by the Collegium on February 12, 2019 as certain information was awaited from the High Court. Following the reciept of this information, the Supreme Court Collegium recommended that Abraham be appointed a High Court Judge in May 2019.

Mohammed Nias CP and Paul KK were first proposed for elevation to the Kerala High Court by the Supreme Court Collegium in March 2019, along with CS Dias who was subsequently appointed a Judge in November 2019.

For the Karnataka High Court, the Collegium has reiterated its recommendation to appoint Advocate Nagendra Ramachandra Naik as a Judge. Naik had been first recommended for the post by the Supreme Court Collegium in October 2019.

Further, advocate Satyen Vaidya, who was originally proposed for elevation as a Himachal Pradesh High Court Judge in April 2019, has also been recommended again for the office.


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