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Colva Fama Celebrated

Thousands of devotees flocked to the Colva church to participate in the famous Fama on Monday where the reportedly miraculous statue of Infant Jesus is brought down from the altar and devotees are permitted to kiss it.

The idol was taken out in a ceremonial procession after the first mass at 5:30 am and washed and then presented to the devotees to kiss. Even though the first mass was at 5:30 am, the church was packed to capacity and crowds were spilling out.

Although the rains did dampen the spirits in the morning as the crowds were comparatively less, however, by noon people began flocking to the church.

The feast of Infant Jesus will be celebrated on 28th October.

Meanwhile, police were kept on their toes handling the large crowd and even though traffic was diverted, congestion on all roads leading to Colva was prevalent. Police also installed CCTVs to monitor the crowd.

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