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Come ‘beat me’ on Valentine’s Day in Goa

I love Valentine’s Day.

But I love it in the same manner I love everyday of my life.

I don’t need a day to tell the people I love in my life that I love them. I don’t need a day to hug and kiss the loves of my life.

Growing up in Dubai. I looked forward to Valentine’s Day because as a teenager it was probably one day where you could take the excuse of the day to confess about crush, infatuation or love to a girl and not get a sandal on your head.

Our group of friends would meet, cut a heart-shape cake, carry heart-shaped balloons, go for dinner and ice-cream.

Some of them were hitched and some of them were not. In our group you would find a Hindu, Muslim and Christians. The colour of our religion was immaterial to our innocent celebrations. It was the Valentine’s colour Red that mattered to all.

I however, never wore red because it is colour that I disagree with and try to avoid.

Out of the group of young loves then, none of us got permanently hitched to anyone in the group, though some were dating each other. It was just plain innocent young love and growing up.

When I here orders of Bajrang Dal and Shiv Sena talking about the virtues of our culture and that they would get aggressive with people celebrating Valentine’s Day. I am amused.

Firstly, Valentine’s Day though commercial as it may be today, has an interesting legend behind its origin, it is about a Priest that got young people in love married in time of strife. Whether its true or not is a matter of your acceptance or rejection to the legend.

If today a young man wants to share his feelings for a young girl and finds an opportunity to gather strength to convey his feelings for her, what is wrong in that.

If two young couples decide to share a card, share a hug and spend the day with love songs or poetry, what is wrong in that.

If married couples want to celebrate Valentine’s Day, who is the Bajrang Dal or Shiv Sena to stop them.

India is a land of love. Love is expressed in numerous forms and art.

Is the problem with Valentine’s Day – a problem because it is attributed to be a Christian celebration; Or is it that people in the Bajrang Dal and Shiv Sena have a problem with the idea of young love and expressing love. I am a little confused here.

If the problem is because it is a Western Celebration, then I suggest you take a chill pill and use your energy towards making India better than the West, through acts of genuine love and concern, not Dadagiri.

If the problem is with expression of love, then look around you, the stories in Indian culture are all about expression of love.

My humble suggestions to the misguided fellow Indians, if you think ‘Dadagiri’ will get people to respect your intent, you are highly mistaken, you will face more resistance and a strong resistance.

I am sure you will never be able to try it in Goa, because the people of Goa, will spread their love all over your bodies and you will go home seeing red kisses all over your body.

The reason such fanaticism survives across other states and it is not allowed to even step foot in Goa is because they do not have the unity, people of Goa have on matters of culture so intrinsically Goan.

To all those brothers and sisters that hate Valentine’s Day. I am here in Goa, ready to hug you and spread the message of love. Come bring your stick..

Jai Hind!
Bharat Mata Ki Jai!

Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief GoaChronicle.com

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