Comments Of The People On The Dismissal of PIL Seeking Ban On DMD

Auda Viegas, President of Bailancho Ekvott
“I am disappointed. I expect better sense to prevail. We always accept any atrocity against Goan culture without reacting.”

Filipe D’Souza, Ad-hoc Committee Member of Shiv Sena, Goa State
“We have to respect the court verdict. But, we always have an opportunity to appeal to the Supreme Court or people’s court. Let the people of Goa decide. If the people of Goa do not oppose to what is being shown, it clearly means that they are agreeing to it.”
“Although Goa is a small state, its hospitality should not be taken for granted. Now the people should take to the streets and protest. We welcome the visitors coming to Goa to our verandahs and drawing rooms, but they dare not eye our bedrooms.” He said and asserted that Shiv Sena will always be in support of the ban on Dum Maro Dum.

Micky Pacheco, Ex-Tourism Minister
“Now that the PIL has been dismissed, the State Government should intervene and ask the producers to screen the full movie for the state level committee.”

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