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Communidades Not To Pay Derrama

Irked by the arbitrary manner in which the Administrator of Communidades, South Goa functions and the orders of the Collector which are contrary to the Code of Communidades, communidades from South Goa have decided to stop paying the derrama and their decision has been ratified by the South Goa Communidades Forum.
The Forum at its meeting has placed a list of demands for the State administration to fulfill before the derrama could be paid and toping it is the demand to immediately disburse the dividend/jono which has been withheld for the last two years by Revenue Minister Jose Philip D’Souza.

The Forum pointed out that shareholders numbering in hundreds and many of whom are elderly persons, have been suffering due to this arbitrary decision of the Minister as they were dependent upon the dividend/jono to meet their various demands including medical expenses.
Besides, they also listed out the various illegalities and arbitrary actions of the Administrator which include failure to audit the office accounts since 1982 whereby crores of rupees of the Communidade paid by way of derrama are not accounted for.
The other sins of commission of the Administrator are illegal recruitment of staff without adhering to the laid down procedures, arbitrary increase in salaries of the staff without consulting the Communidades that are forced to pay for the same and paying for the staff while they work in the Collector’s office.
Besides, the Forum took strong exception to the South Goa Collector’s order directing the Administrator not to countersign cheques drawn by Communidades towards payments of advocates’ fees. This order is made applicable to those Communidades that are not supposed to pay the derrama.
The Forum has demanded that the staff in the Administrator’s office be downsized and asked the government to absorb them in its various departments as many of the staff members are already working in the Collector’s office.
The Forum has also demanded an audit of the accounts of the Administrator’s office from the year 1982, recovery from the Collector’s office of the salaries paid to the Communidade staff for working in that office and also compensation for using the Communidade vehicle for government duties.

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