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Complaint filed against Tiartrist Tousif for insulting Hindus

Tiatrist Tousif Sheikh of the controversial drama ‘Akantvadi Goent Naka’ has now got a criminal complaint at the Margao Police Station against him for deliberate and malicious acts of intention to outrage religious feelings of Hindus by insulting their religion and religious beliefs under Section 153-A, 153-B, 295-A and 298 and others by Devidas Basu Goankar.


In his complaint to the police, Goankar claims that Tousif Sheikh – writer and director of the play tried to create enmity between two different groups. Even the reference of the Chief Villian as ‘Pundalik’ which is the name of Hindu God ‘Vishnu’ is denergrating and in poor form.

Goankar further states, “The writer has taken unusual efforts to hurt the sentiments of Hindus by unjustifiable comparisons between Hindu, Muslim and Christian, concluding Hindu as the villian with malice. This is an attempt to polarize people by imaginary stories and is the outcome of a staunch Arabic-loving Muslim boy. Thus a detail investigation is required to probe the aims and plans of the writer, else this episode will spread all over Goa and will create a serious law and order issue.”

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