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Compulsory Registration of Traditional Occupations Recommended

The 30-member task force, headed by Dr. Nandakumar Kamat, appointed by the Government of Goa to frame an appropriate scheme and package for protecting and supporting traditional business/occupations of Goa, submitted its reports on Wednesday to Chief Minister Digambar Kamat.
The committee was asked to identify traditional occupations of Goa, to identify short term and long term needs of traditional occupations for their protection and promotion of their enterprises and employment.
The report is structured in three parts– the recommendations, the annexure and the exhibits. Global and national perspective of informal economy sector is discussed initially and then the local aspects are considered.

It identifies about 70,000 to 80,000 potential beneficiaries and recommends compulsory accreditation of beneficiaries in order to avail of the various schemes of the government.
The accredited beneficiary would be issued a ‘Certificate of Accreditation’ (COA) stating the nature of traditional business and occupation claimed by him/her and other relevant ethnographic and occupational details. The report recommends a single window approach through a nodal agency. The actual work of inviting applications in a standard, simple format (to be drafted and made available in English, Konkani, Marathi), screening them, identifying the real beneficiaries from traditional business and traditional occupations would be done by a notified authority, Goa State Traditional Occupations Accreditation Council.

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