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Confidence in self is the key to every problem

Mohish Mapxencar pursued Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from Don Bosco College of Engineering, Fatorda. He is currently working in a renowned Multi-National Company. In conversation with Ila Dhond, Content Editor at What according to you is the future of Goa?

Mohish: There’s alleged IT Hub coming in Goa, if that turns true, it’s going to benefit Goans on employability. More Immigrants are going to settle down here. It’s going to be a boon to Hotels, Hostels. Goans can earn a secondary source of income through rents. Tourism is yet another opportunity for Goa. Goa largely depends on tourism for its economy but since Covid is here, it has lost a bit of its track. But soon it will catch up like before. Shacks, Social events create a hype as well. What were the difficulties you faced during Covid?

Mohish: Resources were not availed on time. Three months back when the lockdown was announced on a short notice, there were limited resources available. In some cases, there were no resources at all. Resources had to be used effectively. Although my job was secured, many lost their jobs, opportunities decreased. Also, I could not roam around. It was a period of distress. How do you feel working for a Multi-National Company?

Mohish: MNC’s consider themselves accountable for every small action or thing they do. Time is of utmost importance there. In small companies, small mistakes are often overlooked and paid comparatively less attention to. However, MNC’s are complete opposite. There’s nothing negligible in a MNC. Even a small mistake can lead you to a big trouble, sometimes you can even get laid off. But their authenticity is the salary and the care they have for their employees. I have always worked in a MNC, and when it comes to salary, it’s paid on time every month.  The employees are judged based on their behaviour and ethics. Every MNC has different schemes and polices which is understandable and are provided for the betterment of the employee. The more polished the policies are, the bigger the company gets. Do you think Engineering is a good profession in the current world?

Mohish: Being an Engineer all I can say is, Engineering taught me survival. One learns to do “jugaad”. I do not regret taking engineering. I possibly am capable of doing everything and anything. Now, I can find out a way of every problem. Although, engineering is all theory with no hands-on practice, some of my classmates are working in core industry fields. Working in a manufacturing Industry, I learnt something. Having said that, one can see engineers everywhere. Looking at the number of graduates every year, there are less promising jobs. Some of my batch-mates are still unemployed. Having said that, engineering provides you with the confidence to start something by self. If you have a family business to fall back on or want to be an entrepreneur then engineering is the profession for you. Engineering was a different and yet happening experience for me. Do you think India is heading in the right direction?

Mohish: I actually don’t know. I don’t know the full picture, I can only talk on the information accessible to me. Currently, India is heading somewhere. It has built its International Relations effectively. It is a very good opportunity for India if we use it the right way. The current Government has brought out many hidden struggles of a common man and has worked towards it. How according to you is Goa CM handling the situation?

Mohish: Due to Covid, tourism stopped resulting in lowering of economy. Goa could earn money differently but the steps taken by the CM was a necessity back then. He is the one who is running the Government. He must be trying his best. But he could give stronger public statements, may be then Goans would not have criticized him. Personally, I don’t see any other way Goa CM could do it. What according to you is hindering the growth of India?

Mohish: Indian Mentality is the biggest hurdle. Indians can’t maintain what’s new. They cannot accept change. People don’t want anything new. They are inclined towards traditional methods more, even though there’s nothing wrong in the modernity. Indian Media does not show what’s necessary. People don’t question what’s shown by the media. People need to heed attention towards major and important issues. Indians are the core strength of India, the growth of India lies in its people.

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