Confidence – The best makeup to wear

Confidence is one of the basic necessities in terms of attributes that a human being need to have. We have a lots and lots of news regarding someone’s success, someone’s achievement, pro-insights etc. but nobody talks about what goes behind the scene. Ever felt how do one face the world despite one’s standard or achievement? People come to know you once you get successful in life but after that it is your confident gestures that get you the actual limelight.

Nobody can expect from anyone to be perfect right from birth. People grow up in this world and get to learn certain things according to their situation and needs. Being confident does not apply for justifying a verb or action that has to be completed. It is rather a periphery that covers the entire series of good work that we do.

For example, our parents never teach us to lie confidently or hurt someone without a reason. We are taught good discipline with proper upbringing and we need to be confident in our ideals and rules. Good things do take time to happen but it is the leverage of confidence in faith that make them happen. Confidence comprises of human actions that gets reflected only when there is interaction. People cannot get an idea of how confident is someone unless there is an interaction. The key to confidence is knowledge. As we know that “Knowledge is power”, that is knowledge could make us outshine others and generate the right amount of confidence within us but we forget “A little knowledge could be harmful” and so it might harm us. Through our knowledge and particular scope of ideas, people come to know about us and form an opinion. Be it a group discussion, a debate or even a normal conversation, confining the speech to the periphery of the acquired knowledge and delivering the same to the audience in a smart way can help build a strong personality. People will always admire the way you are, just because of our disciplined and confident nature. The second step of being confident is selection of a fluent language. According to our needs and comfort, we need to opt for a language that could help people understand what we need to convey to them.  There is always a wall between the hard work and the world of limelight. This wall denotes the confidence that we need to gain and move towards our goal.

One should be confident in one’s opinions. Lack of confidence could lead to unwanted fear and we might be deprived of the chance that we could get in order to be successful. We all must have faced stage fear and many of us do feel even now. We all fear being embarrassed, judged and laughed at by all. There are times when we are good behind the scenes but on the stage, we see nervousness taking a good place within us. Some other reasons are that people fix their mindset pointing towards a particular thought of “I cannot do this.” People think of the positions their audience hold and hence feel quite nervous to approach them or face them. Instead of this, why not we focus on the positive side? Instead of focusing on one’s position and standard, one should focus on one’s area of interest. One should focus on the fields where the people might build interest towards one’s content. Instead of all the negative comebacks, why not inhale deep breaths of positivity? One could also stick to one’s agenda and topic and enhance the same in a smart way. When people talk about motivation, I do believe that it is completely a secondary thing. We know that it is easy to bring a horse to the river, but making it drink that river water is never the same.

Confidence always comes along with the ideas and principles that vary from individual to individual. Merely wearing a fake makeup of confidence cannot help us build our personality. This was something that I had realized before a stage show with my readers. It was the evening of the second Saturday of the month. The fine sparkle of the glow bulb on the dressing table got my steps going further towards the room. Being told to look my best on that day, a weary me sat on the couch. An insightful look on the dressing table gave me a hunch of pretty little things that most of us fancy. I never knew what that insatiable primer was for while the foundation on my left was itself a mere counterfeit. The exorbitant eye shadows and mascaras could only make me sigh! Moving away from the vainglorious brands of nail paints and beauty creams, I felt few light strokes of the brushes on my cheek as if they are wishing me good luck. I had been smiling instead of a disdainful look. I knew I was not done when the girth of my inner desire fabricated a thud to my soul which whispered to me “All you need to wear is your confidence and not makeup”. I felt this statement so true. I don’t get what is the significance of applying that “kajal” that smudges up your confidence or the layer of beauty products that caches the worth you are. Well, I would rather feel honored to wear the blush of my success instead of going gaga over the fancy shades and tones of the society that gives you a cheesy gloss! Remember one could provide us all the resources but we have to pick smartly the attributes that could help overcome our weakness. If you are confident, you already see 90 per cent of the things coming your way as you wish them to be.

Supriya Rani

Intern, Goa Chronicle


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