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Cong. Communal: Jitendra

Nationalist Congress Party Secretary Jitendra Deshprabhu on Thursday accused his former party the Indian National Congress of not only abetting corruption but also of being communal,
Briefing media persons, he said the Congress of today has lost its focus and is now turning communal in order to remain in power.
He lamented that the Congress to which he belonged earlier, has deviated from the principle of secularism as professed by Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru and is now dividing Hindus for political gains.

CORRUPTION: Jitendra reiterated his charge that the Youth Congress has misappropriated money donated by the public for Canacona relief and alleged that the Youth Congress is even today issuing receipts for donations for Canacona relief even though the amount collected has already been disbursed.
He said that though the Youth Congress distributed around Rs 10 lakhs to the affected people in Canacona, the actual collection from the public was to the tune of Rs 70 lakhs.
He said the Home Minister should have taken cognizance of this wrongdoing instead of waiting for any official complaint, but hastened to add that he would be lodging the complaint shortly.
Reacting to Micky Pacheco’s statement about the party being capable of fielding candidates in all the 40 constituencies, Jitendra pointed out that this decision has to be taken by the national leadership. However, he said the NCP has grown substantially in Goa and is ready, if forced, to field candidates in all the constituencies.

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