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Congress and its Covid-19 ‘misinformation war’

Congress leaders, especially Rahul Gandhi has been incessantly attacking the India- made COVAXIN and the firm which developed the vaccine- Bharat Biotech. On April 28th, Gandhi made another attempt to cast aspersions on the Hyderabad based firm. But this time, BJP’s Assam minister Himanta Biswa Sarma gave him a befitting reply, substantiated with real facts.

While India is grappling with the deadly second wave of the COVID-19 spread, the people of this country have not received any support from the oppositions; especially the grand old Indian National Congress. All they have done is to trigger paranoia and peddle fake news to augment the panic citizens are already suffering from. The party and its leaders along with the former party President Rahul Gandhi had stooped to a new low when they had attacked the vaccine which was indigenously produced by India- the COVAXIN and were determined to carry on with their fear- mongering mission. Congress’s ‘misinformation’ war seems to know no bounds.

Recently, on 28th April, Congress scion Rahul Gandhi took to twitter to continue his malicious campaign against the Modi- Government and Bharat Biotech. He uploaded an image which had certain pointers ‘explained’ and he wrote, “People’s money was given to vaccine companies to develop COVID vaccines. Now, GOI will make same people pay the highest price in the world for these vaccines. Once again, the failed ‘system’ fails our citizens for profit Modi- mitrs’ profit”.

One pointer asks a question- ‘Was public technology let free for private profiteering?’ Another question which was raised was that whose intellectual property is Bharat Biotech’s publicly funded COVAXIN? Another read, ‘Why the contract between the Indian Council of Medical Research and Bharat Biotech (which produces COVAXIN) was not made public?

Rahul Gandhi has been found attacking the firm constantly for the vaccine prices it had earlier announced. The bottom line is that Gandhi wants vaccination to be free of cost! According to him, the Modi government is using people’s money to augment the profits of companies!

Quoting this tweet, Assam Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma gave a fine reply saying, “Mr. Disinformation Gandhi, first you tried to mislead India on the ‘Made in India’ vaccines. Now, you’re again trying to create confusion. Don’t use vaccines for your ‘Misinformation War’, it’s important to save lives. He went on to make a thread of tweets presenting certain details and facts. Another tweet read, “Today when we are one of the only 12 nations to have developed their own vaccine, instead of being a proud Indian, you’re trying to tarnish its image by encouraging vaccine hesitancy and abusing our hard working scientists”.

Sarma went further, “Mr. Disinformation Gandhi, you can criticize PM @narendramodi ji but why are you discrediting our scientists and entrepreneurs? You didn’t congratulate them when they developed vaccines and now you want to spread misinformation about the vaccines”. The next tweet said, “Your hatred towards ‘Made in India’ is well documented. In 2008, the Congress Govt. shut down three vaccine manufacturing units of the GOI and it needed the Supreme Court’s intervention in 2012 to reopen them”. Himanta then said, “Since 1948, the Congress has been trying to eliminate TB through various vaccination programmes but has failed miserably. It took @narendramodi ji’s decisive Govt. to finally agree to eliminate TB by 2025”.

“Bharat Biotech developed an effective vaccine for encephalitis but UPA continued to by Chinese vaccines. It was PM Modi who introduced ‘Made in India’ vaccines for Rotavirus, encephalitis and Rubella into the Universal Vaccination Programme while you continued buying foreign vaccines”, continued the Assam Cabinet Minister. He then lambasted Gandhi for his misleading tweet and said, “Your problem with vaccines made by hard-working Indian scientists is understandable. It is okay if you wish to take a foreign vaccine, they will now be available in private hospitals. But the abuse for our doctors, scientists, entrepreneurs and our nation as a whole is unreal”.

Himanta then stated, “The COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign is incomparable to any other vaccination effort undertaken by India. The Pulse Polio Programme took 26 years to achieve results; @narendramodi ji’s Government is trying to achieve COVID-19 vaccination within 2 years”. He ended his thread by saying, “Also, you need not worry about the prices. PM @narendramodi ji will ensure that those who can’t afford will get free vaccine. Let us all show our support and be a part of this historic process”.

Rahul Gandhi and Congress’s hatred towards anything which is indigenous to India is obnoxious. This dismal attack on the scientists by asking as to whose intellectual property this vaccine is cannot be condoned at any cost. This is the new low hit by the 52 year old adolescent of the INC. The kind of misinformation the political vested interests of this country have peddled has a lot to do with the sufferings of the Indian populace. The political opposition was the one which lied about how COVAXIN can cause impotence or even death to the ones who take its shot, leaders like Chhattisgarh CM Bhupesh Baghel of the Congress had outright denied allocations of the India- made vaccine! They politicized the life- saving vaccine labeling it as a ‘BJP Vaccine’. And after all that, the Congress has begun asking questions which have no logic whatsoever.

At times of a national crisis, when every political party and leader should join hands and think only about the welfare of their people, all that people like Rahul Gandhi do is to trigger paranoia among the masses to make things even more difficult. Rather than supporting the ruling dispensation in what they do and lauding the scientists at Bharat Biotech for their remarkable feat, the Gandhi- Vadra family is busy playing politics over a pandemic, people’s predicaments, deaths and vaccines. India would have had to face lesser problems if the opposition would not have been a toxic one, which tries to gain political leverage over a national health crisis.

Sonakshi Datta

Intern, Goa Chronicle

DISCLAIMER: This article reflects author’s view point. Goa Chronicle may or may not subscribe to views of the author

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