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Congress demands NIA investigate lapses by Goa Govt on Terror Alert action

Alleging that there was lapse in the handling of the terror alert issued by the intelligence agencies on the party of Goa Government recently, the Congress in Goa demanded that the National Investigative Agency (NIA) should investigate the lapse and Goa Governor should dimiss the state government.

Addressing a press conference in the city, All India Congress Committee (AICC) Secretary Girish Chodankar said recently there was alert for the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) that there might be terror attack on West Coast following which Kerala, Gujarat and Maharashtra alerted their security agencies but in nothing was done in Goa.

‘Security agencies of Goa Government did not act. Had there been attack, it would not have been on the state but on the country. For the last two months Goa Government is headless. Nobody knows who is running the government and home ministry. There is no alternative home minister,’ he said.

The Congress leader accused Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of compromising on security of the nation and said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was answerable to the nation as a state ruled by his party had compromised on security.

‘BJP has been saying that nation is first but today national security is in danger. There was lapse inspite of alert from a reliable agency. We cannot take chance, he said, adding there had to be an alternative arrangement in the wake of Chief Minister not being in the state.

He demanded that the BJP led coalition government in the state should be immediately dismissed due to its irresponsible approach.

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