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Congress demands Parrikar’s nephew be arrested for strong-arm tactics

The opposition Congress on Monday demanded accused Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar’s nephew Akhil Parrikar of trying to bully Goa Surakasha Manch workers and demanded that he be arrested.

In a statement, Goa Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) Spokesperson Avinash Tavares said,”
Everyone has a right to protest peacefully in democracy, which was being enjoyed by GSM when BJP National President Amit Shah was in the State. The protestors were stopped much away from
the venue and there was proper police cordoning but what we saw on the television channels is condemnable.”

“Akhil, who does not have any political standing except that he was born in the family of Parrikar, has been seen indulging in a street fight against the protestors. The supporters of BJP did not even spare the aged people like Govind Dev during the melee. We would like to remind that it was the likes of Govind Dev that were part of Mr Parrikar’s political journey,” he said.

The Congress leader claimed that the incident indicated lawlessness in the state which was without a ‘full time chief minister’.

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