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Congress demands white paper on financial crisis

Margao: The Congress in Goa on Thursday demanded white paper on financial status of the state immediately.

In a statement, Goa Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) President Girish Chodankar said the admission by the Chief Minister Pramod Sawant that the financial condition of the state was not good was a clear vindication of the Congress Party’s stand that the BJP Government had pushed the state into bankruptcy and there was financial emergency in Goa.

”We were raising these issue since November 2019 but the CM always tried to ridicule our claims. Truth always prevails, and the calamity of Corona Virus has now compelled the CM to accept the reality. The Chief Minister should immediately announce austerity measures for the next three years by completely putting a stop on foreign tours, promotional events and other wasteful expenditure such as construction of memorials etc and focus on providing relief to people in need. We must collectively find means to come out if this problem at the earliest. We must involve experts in financial management who are ready to volunteer,” he said.

”We demand that the Chief Minister should come out with White Paper on exact financial condition of Goa with details of amount available in Contigency Fund, balance in CM Relief Fund, present liabilities of Goa Government including those of various Corporations & others. We demand that CM should now announce his governments plans & preparation to handle the situation if the lockdown is further extended. How will government compensate the small businessmans and daily earners who make a living through small businesses like Motorcycle Pilots, Pan Shops, Small Gadas, Fast Food Kiosks etc,” he said.

Mr Chodankar said it was shocking to hear the statement of the Chief Minister who had raised his hands with regards to providing financial package to people from various sectors who make their living on daily earnings and who have suffered due to the lockdown citing reasons of bad finacial condition of the state.

The same Chief Minister was making mockery of opposition when we were pointing the factual condition and advising him to start austerity measures, he alleged.

Mr Chodankar said the community survey proposed by the Chief Minister was illogical, ill planned and without consulting experts.

”If implemented so far safe Goa will become Corona Destination as 7,000 employees will come in direct contact with four lakh families in three days. We reiterate our demand for Community screening to be followed by testing. CM needs to make proper homework on Bhilwara Model and should not push Goa into phase-3 of corona pandemic,” he said.

Via UNI-India

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