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Congress Idea of Opposition ‘Story-Telling Competition’ for Chief Ministers

In what reeks of serious lack of creativity to its role as the opposition to the ruling BJP government in Goa and uses sarcasm to make of mockery of the time and role of the Prime Minister of India as well as Chief Ministers of other states in India, Goa Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) spokesperson, Sudip Tamankar (who with each passing day seems to suffer from a foot-in-the-mouth disease as told to GC by the Office Bearers of GPCC) claims to have written a letter to the Prime Minister India requesting Dr Manmohan Singh to hold a ‘story-telling competition’ of Chief Ministers of different states in India.

While it is not known whether the Prime Minister of India has read the letter, Tamankar claims that he had sent the Letter to the Prime Minister’s Office on April 22nd and it has been endorsed by the ‘Dak Section’ of the Office.

Tamankar feels that the people of India should know that if the story-telling competition does happen then it will be the Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar who stands the best chance to win. “When the Opposition MLAs asked serious questions related to the general public of the state, then Parrikar tells his Cabinet ministers to sit down and starts telling interesting stories to the Opposition MLAs and every serious issue in the Assembly gets diluted because of Parrikar’s best story telling concept,” expressed Tamankar in the Letter to the PM.

The letter further states, “It is pertinent to note that when people arise and criticise him, he starts telling them sweet stories that fool them and mislead them and if anyone refuses to hear his stories then he threatens them.”

When a senior GPCC office-bearer was questioned about the new antiques of the Congress spokesperson, he stated, “Tamankar is an embarrassment to the Congress in Goa and each time he opens he mouth the value of the Congress party also drops down. Unfortunately, leaders such a Subash Shirodkar (who himself failed as the President) and MLA Alexio Reginald Lourenco have been giving a non-entity like Tamankar wings.”

Yet another senior Congress leader who is mostly working at the Centre, expressed his utter dismay on the nonsense being allowed to be done by the not yet officially approved AICC spokesperson Tamankar. He stated, “It is sad that we know have to rely on such characters to be the face of Congress in Goa.”

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