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Congress ministers afraid of Parrikar’s War on Corruption

Fearing the worst possible outcome to their acts of corruptions during the Congress rule in Goa, six of the current Congress Members of Legislative Assembly (MLAs) have been grouping up to offer support to the BJP led government and are even contemplating leaving the Congress party.

While some feel that the Congress high command leaders who were responsible for their debacle during the Goa elections on account of bad candidate selection and closeness to certain dynasty-based politicians of the Congress party in Goa are continuing to function in the manner that is leading many workers wanting their leaders to leave the Congress party and join BJP instead who appears to be organized, committed and focused to the growth of the state and party cadre; unlike the Congress leaders who are only interested in corruption and money deals.

Sources close to BJP believe the reason that many of the Congress leaders want to be in the good books of the current Chief Minister Parrikar is because with the soon to be instituted Lokayukta in Goa, many feel that Parrikar’s ‘war against corruption’ will see many of the corrupt congress current and former ministers in a sorry state of affairs on account of the numerous charges which would be leveled against them.

However, many in the BJP camp and more in particular the Chief Minister himself is not keen to fill his stable with the corrupt minister from Congress because he believes that the party has got the People’s Mandate to bring good governance and bringing the corrupt ministers to the fold of the government will not go down well with the people.


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