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Congress MLA admits to Dabolim Airport Scam; challenges to CM to admit

Taking the wind out of the challenge posed by Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar to the Congress to admit that its ministers were responsible for the Dabolim Airport scam, CLP spokesperson of the Congress, Alexio Reginald Lourenco has admitted that the Congress ministers are responsible for the Dabolim Airport scam without directly naming any minister.

He further added that now that the Congress had admitted to its scam, will the BJP Chief Minister now tell the people of Goa the truth about the Dabolim Airport scam and also his involvement in the scam, since the Parrikar-government came into power which he raised when he was the Leader of Opposition “‘Was the leader of opposition speaking a lie in the assembly only because his utterances in the house have the protection of Law? Is he a liar? If yes, how can the people of Goa sleep in peace?’

Parrikar should remember that development of a state should not be bogged down by political theatrics. He should know that the facts of this fraud will come to light sooner than later. Parrikar came to power in March 2012. The type of affidavit he has filed in High Court so as to delay the proceedings till 10th June 2012 is well known to all by now. I want to ask Parrikar, if four months were not enough to strike down Section 48 of de notification done by the previous Congress Govt, how many hours or days are needed for such an action, Lourenco further alleged.

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