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Congress must admit to taking kickbacks on Dabolim De-Notified Land: CM

Coming under fire for the alleged U-Turn on the Dabolim Airport de-notified, Chief Manohar Parrikar has now fired at the Congress challenging them to admit that their ministers when in power had taken kickbacks for de-notifying the land in final stages of acquisition to benefit a popular Vasco-based real estate developer.

The allotted land currently in question was finalised by both the Airports Authority of India (AAI) and Goa government, however, later the Digambar Kamat government questionably de-notified land. Both the former Revenue Minister Jose Philip D’Souza and Deputy Speaker Mauvin Godinho are also alleged involved in this scam. When BJP were in the Opposition they had raised a stink on the large-scale scam on this issue; however, on coming to power it appears that the new government of the BJP is walking on a similar path.

“We know that Dabolim Airport requires land for parking and the government is working towards it. If some leaders now in the Opposition want to de-notified land re-notified then they should first admit that their ministers took a kickback on this deal; then the government will re-notify the land,” expressed Parrikar.


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