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Congress opens its old wounds given by Junior Rane

GOA: Congress opened its old wounds on Tuesday when it attacked it’s former leader Vishwajit Rane for joining BJP post-2017 Assembly poll.

During the function held to launch, Jan Sampark Abhiyaan, All India Congress Committee Secretary A Chellakumar alleged that Junior Rane had to join BJP under threat.

Rane was quick enough to issue rebuttal claiming that Chellakumar had gone insane.

Chellakumar said that Rane was made to join BJP under threat by PM Narendra Modi and BJP National President Amit Shah.

He claimed that Junior Rane had personally met him to confess about the threat, a day before joining BJP. The Congress leader said that Vishwajit had said that he had to join BJP to save his family from being under threat.

Vouching for verocity of his statements, Chellakumar said that he is ready to undergo any lie detecting test to prove his testimony.

“Whatever he has spoken to me I can tell. I am ready to undergo any test I am not telling any lies. He had mentioned the name of PM Modi and Amit shah,” Chellakumar said.

The Congress leader said “He told me that they are murderers and they can go to any extend. I had told this even two months before. I had told it very clearly. I have nothing to hide.”

“Even a day before resigning from the congress party also he came to my room and told me doctor you send someone to my house. You don’t know, Amit shah is after my life. I don’t know, I want to save my family. Almost 24 hours before leaving the party he told me same thing,” he said.

“He used to tell me that doctor you don’t know. They are not like congress people. They are ruthless, they are murderers, they will go to any extend of killing the people.”

“They are after my family, they are after my life. that is the reason why I am staying there. He used to tell me. More than a year, regularly he used to call me,” he added.

Vishwajit Rane, however, rubbished the statement calling Chellakumar insane man.

“I have joined BJP at my own will and I was also part of Congress party in the past. Giving threat is a congress culture , not the culture for BJP,” the Health Minister said.

“What Chellakumar talking is absolutely rubbish and insane. It is only a sheer frustration of Chellakumar that is speaking and I would like not comment on the comments,” he added.

“It is only a sheer frustration of Chellakumar that is speaking and I would like not comment on the comments of insane man,” he said.

“I have never heard of anybody being threatened to join BJP. This may be the part of Congress culture. Nobody has joined BJP with any kind of threat,” Rane added.

“We have joined BJP out of our own will. Joining BJP has helped me in very big way in serving the people of Goa.”

“What Mr Chellakumar is talking is rubbish and insane and I would not like to comment on the comments of insane man.”

Photo Caption: Congress leader A Chellakumar claimed that Junior Rane had joined BJP under threat. (Pic Sameer Narvekar)

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