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Congress promises ‘Bridge’ in Election Manifesto where ‘No River’ exists

While Congress failed to provide for a bridge that could have averted the recent tragedy in Aldona where young children and adults lost their lives, it has promised to build a bridge in a village where there exists no river in its Election Manifesto.

In a faux-pas, the Congress in its election manifesto released here today promised to construct a bridge at Neura village, where there is no river.

When the error was pointed out by media persons during the press conference, Chief Minister Digambar Kamat said vaguely, “There must be some place at Neura that needs a bridge.”

Goa Pradesh Congress committee president Subhash Shirodkar admitted to the mistake in the manifesto saying, “I think it is Cortalim where they might have wanted to say that a bridge was needed. It needs correction, perhaps.”

Political parties are known to go overboard with their poll promises, an instance of which could be seen on Monday in Congress’ Goa manifesto, which promised to build a bridge in a village that has no river.

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