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Congress Set to Rule Margao Municipality

The Congress Party is all set to take control of the Margao Municipal Council even though many of the candidates backed by Chief Minister Digambar Kamat lost at the hustings.
Despite there being more than one congressman in many of the wards the BJP could not capitalize on it. In fact, prominent BJP leaders Durgadas Prabhu, Narayan Fondekar, Raju (Hadlee)Shirodkar, Rupesh Mahatme lost even though the last named contested from a different ward.
Chief Minister Digambar Kamat had backed Zarina Shah in Ward No. 14 and Sandra Fernandes in Ward No. 16 who lost. But the victorious candidates in both the wards Dayanand Deulkar and Pratima Coutinho respectively are Congress party members. Digambar Kamat’s only victory was in Ward No. 18 where his cousin Laxmikant Kamat was victorious.

On the other hand, Goa Pradesh Congress Committee’s General Secretary Vijay Sardessai’s candidates in Fatorda Assembly’s constituency segment emerged victorious. In Ward No. 8, Gonzaco Rebello won by a very narrow margin but in Ward No. 3 Jose D’Silva won by an overwhelming majority defeating NCP’s Piedade Noronha.

Former minister Luis Alex Cardoso’s son Tito Cardoso won from Ward No. 9.

The results of Margao Municipal elections are as follows:
Ward No. 1: Arthur D’Silva (1118) Others (115)
Ward No. 2: Bertha Cardozo (856) Priya Kamat (701)
Ward No. 3: Jose D’Silva (1633) Piedade Noronha (916)
Ward No. 4: Carmina Rodrigues (611) Livramenta Barretto (244)
Ward No. 5: Raju Naik (643) Angelis Pereira (616)
Ward No. 6: Sadanand (Paklo) Naik (687) Raju (Hadlee)Shirodkar (495)
Ward No. 7: Babita Naik (741) Sugandh Bandekar (618)
Ward No. 8: Gonzaco Rebello (765) Purnanand Chari (750)
Ward No. 9: Tito Cardoso (655) Durgadas Prabhu (648)
Ward No. 10: Bindiya Naik (493) Nutan Kundaikar (341)
Ward No. 11: Sushila Naik (741) Narayan Fondekar (517)
Ward No. 12: Doris Texeira (851) Manoj Masurkar (629)
Ward No. 13: Rosy Pereira (642) Leena Katkar (400)
Ward No. 14: Dayanand Deulkar (940) Zarina Shah (740)
Ward No. 15: Dhananjay Mayekar (501) Maya Karapurkar (383)
Ward No. 16: Pratima Coutinho (1352) Sandra Fernandes (670)
Ward No. 17: Vinay Shirodkar (499) Damodar Shirodkar (353)
Ward No. 18: Laxmikant Kamat (873) Iqbal Mohamad (388)
Ward No. 19: Sangeeta Audi (867) Carol Poinguincar (423)
Ward No. 20: Damodar Shirodkar (607) Rupesh Mahatme (350)

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