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Congress to shoot from ‘Tamankar’s’ Shoulder

Fearing repercussions and vindictiveness of the government of any direct attack against the Parrikar-led team of BJP and allies, the Congress government has managed to smooth-talk renowned social activist Sudip Tamankar to join its bandwagon and will use him as a weapon to attack the BJP-led government.

Not known to the people of Goa but definitely known in the political circles in Goa, Tamankar’s main grouse in the political class is the Dhavlikar brothers (that controlled the Ministry of Transport). When in Congress they were the target of Tamankar’s activism and now in the BJP government the target continues to remain the same. Leaving lot of questions open to whether the movement to Congress is to seek assistance for different resources.

Tamankar in his joining the Congress termed Parrikar government as a Hitler-like government run by a dictator and wanted to work with the Congress to expose the double-face of the BJP government.

Congress continuing to derive and revel in small self-proclaimed victories after a drubbing at the Assembly polls, hopes that alliances with civil society activist will help them regain their lost ground. Strangely, though when in the Assembly with an opportunity to put the Parrikar-government on the mat, Congress MLAs chose to praise the government and remain like mute spectators.

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