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Congress wants India to side with Palestine

Mumbai, Maharashtra: State Congress Vice-President Nasim Khan and other Congress leaders on Wednesday met Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari on Wednesday and submitted a memorandum regarding the escalating situation between Israel and Palestine.

Nasim Khan, Maharashtra Congress Vice-President lead the delegation and said that the Indian Government must show solidarity with Palestine. He also said that there is resentment among Muslims in India over this attack. Khan further added that due to the surge in covid cases in Maharashtra they have postponed the protest against the on-going situation in Palestine. The delegation included many other Congress leaders like former MP Obeidullah Khan Azmi, Raza Academy Chief- Saeed Nuri, former MLA Yusuf Abrahani.

On Friday, amid the on-going all-out war situation in Israel and Palestine, “Congress urges for an immediate cessation of hostilities by both Israel and Hamas and calls for urgent intervention of the UN Security Council to restore peace”, said senior Congress leader Anand Sharma in a statement.

Anand Sharma, who is the chairman of the AICC foreign affairs department and deputy leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha further said, “The issue is both moral and humanitarian. India as a member of UNSC should proactively work to achieve this objective.”

Israelis and Palestinians have an equal right to live in a safe environment with dignity. “People of Palestine have a right to live with dignity in a secure environment. That, equally is the right of the people of Israel”, added senior Congress leader Anand Sharma.

The Congress said, “The escalation of conflict, air attacks on Gaza and the rocket attacks by the Hamas have resulted in tragic loss of innocent human lives, especially the children and elderly, and also injuries to many civilians.” “The aggravated destruction of public property and Infrastructure has caused hardships and disruption”, the party added further.

Congress leader, Ali Mehdi on Wednesday said he wishes for the destruction of Israel hours after Hamas, Gaza’s militant group launched massive air strikes against the Jewish Nation.

Allah will destroy Israel InshaAllah #AllahuAkbar”, Mehdi tweeted.

Many Indians came out in support of Palestine as Hamas and Israelis launched dozens of airstrikes against each other.

Nehru’s opinion

Nehru’s opinion was clear when he wrote that “The Palestine Arabs had lives in Palestine for centuries and depriving them of their land in order to create a Jewish State, would be grossly unfair.” Nehru was against the partition of Palestine and subscribed a liberal view.

In 1947, Einstein wrote a four-page letter to Nehru, first praising India for abolishing untouchability and went on to say that “Jewish people were also victims of discrimination and persecution, with a pariah status.”

Nehru’s response to Einstein’s letter reflected the moral dilemma he was in.  Nehru had a valid explanation for India voting against the partition of Palestine and the creation of Jewish state. A compelling reason was that the partition of India was an open wound which was still fresh.

On 17th September 1950, India officially recognised the State of Israel. But what Nehru said back then caught everyone’s attention: “We would have [recognised Israel] long ago, because Israel is a fact. We refrained because of our desire not to offend the sentiments of our friends in the Arab countries.”

When Congress desired to discuss the Israel-Palestine issue in the Rajya Sabha…

In 2014, Indian National Congress wanted to discuss Nehru’s stand relating to the Israel-Palestine issue in Rajya Sabha. Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha, PJ Kurein rejected the Congress’ demand for a resolution. Almost the entire opposition had stalled the House for a week by pressing for discussion on the issue and were unhappy as none of their demands were met.

The then, External Affairs Minister, Sushma Swaraj refused to take sides over the Gaza conflict and advised that both the countries should hold peace talks. She further added that the Rajya Sabha should not be divided but send out a join message that wherever there is violence, it is condemnable and both Israel and Palestine should accept Egypt’s offer and hold peace talks.

“There is absolutely no change in India’s policy towards Palestine, which is that we fully support the Palestinian cause while maintaining good relations with Israel,” said ex External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj. She also rejected the demand by some opposition parties that India should stop purchase of military equipment from Israel. India also backed the installation of Palestinian flag at UN’s premises in September, 2015.

The current situation between Israel and Palestine has been compared on numerous occasions to the situation between India and Pakistan in 1971.

Though, India has received shipment of oxygen concentrators and respirators from Israel during the surge in COVID-19 cases. Indians have found it morally right to support Palestine during its struggle. Palestinians have the right to protect their culture and heritage and fight back to ensure their dignity and environment is secured.

Pratheeksha Pawaskar

Intern, Goa Chronicle Law student, University of Mysore. Criminal Psychology and Constitutional Law are subjects of my personal interest. More of a “Philomath” (sucker for knowledge) with a great sense of humour. Always standing up for what is right.

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