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Congress Will End Its Own ‘RAJ’

The days ahead for the Congress party is tumultuous; this phenomenon is being witnessed across all states where Congress has a foothold. Many within the party attribute the current plight of the Congress to be on account of its leader’s inaptitude to stay true to its ‘aam aadmi’ mantra but instead follow the ‘khaas aadmi’ mantra. Like one senior Congress politician from Goa remarked, “Congress party is like a harem, we all have a price and everyone is for sale”.

The Goa Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) is a miniature replica of the All India Congress Committee (AICC). Many of its members, some of whom are MLAs in the current government always rue the fact that it is not the opposition parties that they are worried about the most, but it is their own party members who they fear, since no one knows who will stab whom in the back and when.

Jagmeet Singh Brar, Goa-In Charge, AICC during the recent Rajya Sabha elections proudly mentioned that all the Congress MLAs had come together to vote for their Congress candidate – Shantaram Naik. Considering they always had a majority with the alliance members support; it is surely surprising that Brar would talk about unity, unless, there is a constant fear of disunity.  And during the Rajya Sabha elections owing to the Goa Pradesh Youth Congress election wherein Valanka Alemao was disqualified there was a fear that Churchill Alemao might just go about his blackmailing tactics and get some Congress MLAs to vote for BJP candidate Damodar Naik. So to avert the situation Brar working with a few trusted Congress politicians in Goa, ensured that the hearing of Valanka Alemao’s disqualification show-notice reply was postponed till after the RS Congress candidate won. Of course after that everything else just went as per the plans of AICC High Command.

Many are attributing the failure of the Alemaos to the wittiness of Vijai Sardessai. However, that is far from the truth. The game to draw first blood on the Alemaos never originated from Goa; but from Delhi with the role of a prominent Goa minister. And the opportunity presented itself, since all concerned playing the game to put Churchill Alemao in his place, knew that it is customary for Churchill Alemao to issue threats but will not have the courage to leave the Congress party.

So while Churchill, Vijai and their camps decide to fight it out in the South on what can be clearly seen as a spoke put in their citadel, eventually as we head towards the elections, the real devil of the game will show its head.

And this current turmoil of the Congress in Goa is good for the people of Goa, mainly because as the longest ruling party of this, the Congress party has given the people of Goa – the ‘aam aadmi’ a state of corrupt politicians and the exodus of Goans from Goa.

Till today ‘Special Status’ still evades Goa; even though the representatives of the Congress party promised this many years ago. Every department of the government if the CAG Report 2010 is studied is rigged in scams and frauds. Yet when you raise the issue and you hope for the Centre to take a corrective action; they fail to do so.

In my meeting with Brar some weeks ago in Delhi, when I asked him, “When will the Centre be bringing about a corrective measure to the corruption in Goa?” He replied, “I am still trying to understand the nuances of Goa as I am new, it will take time. We work in the interest of the people of Goa.”

Not that I expected any other answer from someone like Brar, who I am told from his own Senior Congress leaders will not be long as Goa In-Charge since there is no way he will have the charisma to withstand the dodgy games of all Congress ministers and politicians here in Goa. But it did throw light on the intent of the party at the Centre and it clearly shows that the problem in Goa is not of concern to them.

In fact like some ministers in Goa openly say that if Ahmed Patel – political secretary to the AICC President is taken care of, then we are in the safe zone. I think it humorous because most people keep dropping Ahmed Patel’s name, so much so that it is become a saying amongst the political circles in Goa, “Every bad thing in Goa has got Bhaijaan’s blessing’.

Whether it is ‘Madamji’ or ‘Bhaijaan’ or any other blessing from the top; you cannot change one fact and that it is time for the people of Goa to send the corrupt Congress ministers packing. I am neither saying we should support the BJP, since I actually blame them for the current plight of Goa because they are a weak Opposition party. It is time for the more educated and well meaning people of Goa to stand up and take the reins of the state of Goa. Do it independently or come together as a front, but do it before it is too late.

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