Conspiracies cannot stop me; will continue to fight BJP : Mamata

Balarampur (Purulia): West Bengal Chief Minister and Trinamool Congress (TMC) supremo Mamata Banerjee on Monday said, “Conspiracies cannot stop me; will continue to fight BJP.”

Addressing a public meeting here, Ms Banerjee said, “TMC government will remain in power, you will continue to get free ration. We will deliver ration to your doorstep. You don’t have to come to the shop after May.”

She said, “My government has taken the decision in the budget to give Rs 1,000 to all the widows.”

The chief minister said a pension of Rs 2,000 was also provided in the Budget for tribals aged above 60 years.

“This is the only state that has not snatched the land rights of tribals,” Ms Banerjee said.

“No other government in the world has been able to do as much work as ours,” she said.

The TMC supremo said, “As long as she has her voice and her heart functions, she will continue to fight.”

“Wait for a few days, my legs will be better. I will see whether your legs move freely on Bengal’s soil,’ she said without naming anyone.

Ms Banerjee mocked the BJP’s ‘rath yatra’, saying she has always known that Lord Jagannath and his siblings travel in chariots.

The TMC supremo raised slogans in Purulia saying, ” Chaie na BJP ke chaie na, chaie na Congress ke chaie na, CPM ke chaie na. BJP ke bidai dao…Khela hobe, dekha hobe, jeeta hobe.”


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