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Constable Attempts Suicide On Duty

A 33 year old police constable attached to the Crime Branch at Dona Paula attempted suicide while on duty raising the issue of psychological support or counseling for police personnel.
A study undertaken a few years back had revealed that the Goa Police force was under tremendous stress due to various factors including political interference.
Attempted suicides, violent behavior including brutalities on suspects in lock up and even shouting and abusing people were stated to be symptoms of the stress the police were under.
The study had recommended psychological support to the police force wherein regular counseling had to be undertaken. But till date the government has not moved to address this issue.
The constable whose name has been withheld at the request of the family members, reportedly consumed ‘Ratol’ while on duty on Friday and was rushed to a private hospital after he began vomiting.
That something was amiss was realized by his cousin when the constable abruptly disconnected her call and when she rushed to the Crime Branch office, she found him to be sick and vomiting following which he was rushed to the hospital.
Police claimed that the constable in his statement has stated that he was under some tension, but would not give any more details. No case has been registered as yet against the constable for committing suicide.
How the constable got the poison while he was on duty is also being probed said Panjim Police Inspector Ramesh Gaonkar.

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