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Contract Linesmen Electrocuted

Two contract workers who were drawing a high tension line at Hutatma Chowk garden in Vasco were electrocuted in the presence of Electricity Department officials, but survived only because the main circuit breaker tripped.
Sandip Naik (26) and Durbaraj Vishwas (24) were drawing the line of a new pole whose live wire was disabled. However, the parallel wire was apparently not disabled as an accidental touch to it gave both of them a major shock stunning them.
Even though the Fire & Emergency Service personnel arrived to bring down the two workers from the pole, there was no ambulance in sight and while one was transported by a Police Control Room jeep the other was taken away in the Fire Services ambulance.

What is really shocking about this incident is the fact that both the workers were without the mandatory safety gear as neither of them wore the helmet or the safety gloves which are mandated while drawing lines.
Besides, nobody was able to answer as to why the parallel line was not disabled when such a major work was going on.

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