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Controversy yet again on CCP parking tickets

Parking tickets issued in the name of the Corporation of the City of Panaji (CCP) almost ignited a controversy again when two individuals were reported to have been collecting sopo (tax) on Sunday evening at the Mala zatra (fair) and issuing the city corporation’s parking tickets as receipts.
While stall owners at the fair paid the fees to the duo, they were in for a shock when members of the Maruti temple committee also came around later for the collection of sopo. Incidentally, the tax at the zatra is traditionally collected by the temple committee, its members informed.

When the stall owners at the fair told the committee that they had already paid sopo “to the authority (CCP)”, the two individuals collecting the money were immediately traced and the police summoned. The duo were then detained and upon interrogation, claimed that while they were employed by an authorized CCP sopo contractor, they were unaware of their jurisdiction.
However, Panaji police officials informed that no complaint had been lodged. “There has been a compromise in the matter,” they said.
Maruti temple committee members, when contacted, said that the sopo collected by the duo was subsequently handed over to them.
This is the second time that the CCP’s parking tickets have been used in controversial manner, the first time being when a ruling councillor of the city corporation, Nagesh Karishetty, was arrested by the Panaji police after being allegedly involved in a pay parking scam at the Santa Monica jetty in the year 2008.
The arrest was conducted following a complaint from the CCP commissioner that unknown persons were illegally collecting parking fees opposite the Santa Monica jetty in the name of the city corporation.

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