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Convention Tourism Sets Foot In Goa


With Goa being named the permanent venue for South Asian Film Festival, the State has finally succeeded in its aim of being a convention centre thereby attracting high spending tourists.

While Goa has been on the international tourism map from the 70s with the flower power or the hippies discovering it and making it their favourite destination, in the 90s the charter tourists began descending upon the state.

Since then, the government has been trying to market Goa to the high spending tourists by participating at various tourism marts et al.

Although Goa has been named the permanent venue for the International Film Festival of India, the addition of South Asian Film Festival will be an added feather as not only will film makers from the South Asian countries attend this festival, but connoisseurs of good cinema from the world will also be made to come to Goa.

Meanwhile in another development that is bound to help Goa and its tourism plans, the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) has decided to set up its Regional Office in Goa.

Announcing this Anil Gupte, ICCR’s Deputy Director General said the place is already identified and the Regional Office should be commissioned within a few months.


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