Converging 5G & IoT: a faster path to smart manufacturing

Kolkata, Dec 4 (GCBusiness) Many manufacturers are seeking opportunities to accelerate their business through the adoption of digital technologies to enable the fourth industrial revolution (i4.0), according to KPMG International report.

Technologies such as autonomous robots and big data analytics are enabling companies to make the leap to smart, data-driven flexible manufacturing.

Manufacturers need to develop and implement an effective transformation strategy to adopt these technologies and avoid losing ground to their competitors.

This report examines two vital components of such a strategy: the Internet of Things (IoT) and the fifth generation of wireless technologies (5G). Companies that are leading the integration of these technologies into their digital strategies will have the opportunity to reap huge rewards.

Technology and business trends have moved rapidly in their favor. In the past year IoT and 5G technologies have matured to the point where business decision makers can evaluate the benefits of using them together in their digital strategy. They are finding that these technologies are more powerful when they both form a coherent
part of their i4.0 investment planning.

Both technologies can deliver substantial value to enterprises when implemented together. 5G networks offer tremendous benefits to manufacturers in terms of data speed, latency, efficiency, reliability, capacity and security. The technology is designed to be fast and dependable as fiber optic cable and offers the same capacity at a lower cost, with more flexibility.

5G will improve the delivery of mobile broadband services, in comparison with previous wireless technologies, and is expected to support a wide array of new solutions. Digital capabilities based on AI, autonomous operations, virtual reality and drones are among the solutions that will employ 5G networks to deliver big
gains in productivity and accelerate innovation. 5G offers an optimal telecommunications platform on which to realize IoT’s benefits.

IoT adoption is occurring at a rapid pace, and many analysts forecast a doubling of investment in these devices in 5 years or less1. Manufacturers are attracted by the many gains IoT offers: less machine downtime, higher product quality, predictive maintenance and more informed decision making.

There are already systems that help to integrate IoT devices into consolidated platforms, but 5G enables several use cases that were previously limited, due to lower throughput and performance. In manufacturing, wireless technologies have played a limited role due to vibration, sound, heat and so on. 5G is expected to eliminate these issues.

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