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‘Cops’ Rob Women Of Jewelry

Two women were robbed of their jewelry by two persons posing as policemen in Mapusa on Monday.
In the first incident, Shantabai Chari who was walking along the road was asked by the duo to remove her jewelry in the wake of thefts in the locality. The gullible lady removed her mangalsutra, gold chain and gold bangles all worth around Rs 45,000 and handed them over to the ‘policemen’ who wrapped it in a handkerchief and returned to the lady.

However, when the lady opened the handkerchief, she was shocked to discover that instead of her gold ornaments there was only a stone and a metal plate in it.
The daring due then moved to Khorlim and using the same trick duped Urmila Naik of her mangalsutra, gold chain and bangles all worth Rs. 55,000/-
Both the victims have registered complaints against the duo with the Mapusa police who have meanwhile urged citizens and particularly ladies, not to fall prey to such tactics.

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