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Coronavirus: Medical team to fly to Italy to bring back Indian nationals, says Jaishankar

New Delhi, Mar 11 (GCCurrentAffairs) External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Wednesday said that a team of medical staffs will fly to Italy on Thursday in a bid to collect samples so that the Indian nationals stranded there could be brought back smoothly.

“We are hoping to fly a medical team to Italy tomorrow,” Mr Jaishankar said while replying to clarifications on a suo moto statement in the Rajya Sabha to update the House on on situation on Indians stranded in Iran after outbreak of novel Coronavirus.

“I rise to apprise this august House of some recent developments pertaining to Indians stranded in Iran as a result of the Coronavirus situation. The House is already aware of the efforts Government had made to bring back Indians from Wuhan in China by mounting three flights to that city. Thereafter, we brought back the crew and passengers of a cruise ship off Japan that was affected by Coronavirus. These evacuations also included some foreign nationals. Our focus since has shifted to Iran, in view of the sharp increase of Coronavirus in that country,” the minister said.

As per available information, there are over 6,000 Indian nationals in various provinces of Iran. These include about 1100 pilgrims mainly from the Union Territories of Ladakh and Jammu and Kashmir and the State of Maharashtra; nearly 300 students primarily from the UT of Jammu and Kashmir; about 1000 fishermen, including from Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat; and others who are on longer term stay in Iran for pursuing their livelihood and religious studies, he added.

Mr Jaishankar also said that as Government started receiving information about the spike in Coronavirus cases in Iran, as a precautionary measure, direct flights between India and Iran were temporarily suspended with effect from 27 February. “Advisories were issued to avoid travel and returning passengers were started to be screened. This is an ongoing exercise.”

“Our Embassy in Tehran and Consulates in Bandar Abbas and Zahidan naturally reached out immediately to Indian nationals in Iran to ascertain their welfare. An advisory was issued asking our nationals to observe appropriate precautions. Emergency contact details of the Indian Mission were put out. Embassy and Consulate officials have been reassuring the Indian nationals and ensuring that they are in good health and had adequate provisions. I mention this as an overall approachbut also with specific reference to the fishermen community whose welfare has been raised with me by a number of Hon’ble Members,” he added.

Given the large number of Indians in Iran, it was natural that “we should seek to sequence their return, taking into account their location and exposure. The initial focus is on visiting pilgrims. Many of them are in Qom, where Coronavirus incidence has been strong. The nature of their residency also increases the risks of exposure. Age is also a factor that was taken into account. As their welfare is being currently addressed, we are now focusing on Indian students.”

“Many of them are studying medicine and are fully aware of the precautions to be taken in this difficult situation. The Embassy is in regular contact with them as a group. Our understanding is that the region where most fishermen are located has not been affected so severely. These factors will guide our approach in the coming days,” the minister said.

“Over the last few days, Government has been making focused efforts for the safe return of the stranded Indians. Given the scale of COVID -19 infection and its pressure on Iran’s own resources, a team of six Indian health officials has been deputed to Iran in order to set up testing and sampling facilities there. The first batch of 108 samples were received in India on 7 March. These were tested and 58 Indian pilgrims (25 men, 31 women and 2 children), who tested negative, were repatriated in special IAF C-17 flight on 10 March. We have also received samples of 529 more Indians on this flight which are being tested in National Institute of Virology, Pune,” the minister said.

“We continue to collect more samples in Tehran and our endeavor is to ensure the earliest possible return of our nationals after appropriate testing and screening. We are working with the Iranian authorities to operate some limited commercial flights for facilitating early return of the remaining Indians after testing them,” he added.

On evacuation of stranded students in Iran, the minister said, “Our Embassy staff and the medical team are working round-the-clock under difficult conditions to ensure the objective of earliest possible return. The House will appreciate their operational constraints, given that there are restrictions that have been instituted for public health reasons in Iran. It is not easy to organize transport, accommodation and other logistics. The Iranian system is naturally stretched and we appreciate their cooperation in these circumstances.”

On Indian fishermen, he said, “Our Consulate in Bandar Abbas are in touch with the Indian fishermen, who are in southern provinces of Iran, including in cities of Asaalouyeh, Chiruyeh and Kish. Some of them have been visited and others would be soon. Provision of essential supplies to them is being ensured. As per available information, they are all in good health.”

On the situation in Italy, he said, “The situation in Italy is now emerging as a cause of great concern. I would like to share with the Hon’ble Members that steps in this regard have already been initiated. The challenge is growing by the day in Europe and we will respond accordingly.”

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