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Cosme Biotech To Export Bio-Fertiliser

Goa’s Cosme Biotech Private Limited intends to export the Shubhodaya Vam bio-fertiliser, patented from The Energy and Research Institute (TERI) to the European, South African and Asian countries.

Cosme Farma Laboratories Limited Manager Wilfred Dias informed: “We have sent the samples to countries like Brazil, Australia, Turkey, South Africa and England where free trials of this bio-fertiliser are being taken.” He said that the patent which was procured from TERI has successfully been implemented in the farms of Karnataka, Goa and some parts of Maharashtra for last two years. “This will not wash off chemical fertilizers completely, but complement the farmers to replace them”, he added further.

Cosme Bio Tech’s Goa plant manufactures 2,000 tonnes per year of Shubhodaya Vam bio fertiliser, which is the biggest facility in India.
TERI official Deepak Kumar said that Shubhodaya is the result of 15 years of research at the institute. “The product is genetically modified and is very effective in the areas with water scarcity areas”, he said and claimed that the use of this bio fertiliser will increase the yield between 25 to 50 per cent and decrease the cost upto 50 per cent. “Its non toxic, non hazardous and eco friendly,” Kumar said adding that it has a shelf life of two years at room temperature.

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