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COVID-19 is a war against humanity and China has pulled the trigger

The COVID-19 pandemic is a war on humanity.

China has brought this war to our homes. It has targeted our families. It has targeted our friends. It has targeted our lives and livelihoods.

China has brought death to our loved ones.

China is a nation of cowards. It is lead by a leader who dreams of being the Chinese leader who made China a global economic superpower during his tenure.

China knew that if it went into war with traditional war armory and weapons with other nations in particular India, the USA, or Japan it would not be able to sustain a long-drawn war. So China opted for war without weapons. War without bloodshed. War without destruction of infrastructure. A war that would hurt where it mattered the most – innocent people and the economies of the nations.

China has unleashed a bioweapon on the world with the coronavirus. The purpose is to weaken nations it sees as a threat. And to strengthen its relationships with nations it wants to control through vaccine diplomacy and COVID-related global politics.

China through this strategy aims to drive fear into the hearts of nations that stand against Xi Jinping’s plan for global economic dominion. Former President of the USA, Donald Trump stood up to China. Held China accountable for the COVID-19 pandemic. China used its stealth propaganda machinery within the US and other nations to create panic and lack of trust in the Trump administration. Trump, of course, lost the election.

On April 17, 2020, Joe Biden acknowledged China’s disinformation efforts and the need to crack down on their tactics. Now, Biden wants ‘competition’ and not ‘conflict’. In his remarks on the eve of his first 100 days in office, Biden felt it necessary to spell out that Chinese President Xi Jinping is deadly earnest on China becoming the most significant, consequential nation in the world. Biden also said he would seek ways to work with China where interests aligned.

China has the USA where it wants it. Barking but not biting.

China in my view will attempt a similar strategy in India using the COVID-19 pandemic. It will use its propaganda machinery within India and internationally to discredit India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Indian government. The propaganda machinery will create chaos and confusion in the minds of the people. While the nation battles COVID-19, it will also spark communal tensions in the weeks ahead.

China will work to a change of regime in India too, just like in the US. It would want a regime in India that is more favorable to its global agenda. It has already forged an alliance with one of India’s prominent political parties with its CCP and Congress MoU in 2008 through the International Liasion Department (ILD) – a foreign intelligence covert department. Over the last six years, Congress has been toeing the line of China. In fact, a few leaders in the BJP have also been kind in their words on China, nothing confrontational.

While India is battling the COVID-19 pandemic, China in the weeks ahead will create tensions along the border with India. It will keep the Indian government busy and heighten the negative propaganda.

India in its retaliation with China will have to toe the diplomatic lines so often associated with democratic nations. China has no obligation or scruples in a war. It will work towards humiliating India at every opportunity. Its strategy will be multi-pronged. It will attack India socially and economically.

China is not an ally of India. It is not an ally to any nation in the world. It is a rogue nation. It has only one agenda to be a global economic superpower.

In the global geopolitics arena, China will play the role of the big brother with a kind heart. It will become the source of nations to stabilize themselves after the COVID-19 pandemic economically while continuing to exerting fear in most nations. The truth, however, is that China has no heart. It is emotionless and clinical in its agenda. It will not stop until it attains global dominion. But it has to be stopped.

Countries like Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Taiwan, and many other European and African nations not aligned with China will face some turmoil with the COVID-19 pandemic. Giving an opportunity to China to play a good friend in need.

Global nations must open their eyes and see the truth of the COVID-19 pandemic and the role of China in it. China is shaping the new world order with large corporations. To large corporations, it would not matter whether it is the US or China. The only thing that matters is profiteering. And vaccine diplomacy is nothing but vaccine profiteering. Leading this business windfall is philanthropist Bill Gates who in actuality is nothing more than a money-making opportunist.

China in its long-term plan has cultivated global organizations to speak its language. It has been sowing its seeds of control in the World Health Organisation (WHO) since 2006 with Dr. Margaret Chan and followed it up by putting Xi Jinping’s Ethiopian friend Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in the post of Director-General. The fact that Dr. Tedros and WHO were derelict in their duty is a known fact. Interestingly, no one other than Donald Trump took on the WHO. Biden has, however, towed China’s line with the WHO.

There is a game being played with the lives of innocent people around the world. 3.3 million lives already lost and million more families left distraught with the loss of their loved ones.

It is about time that global leaders see the game being played by China and hold it accountable for this war on humanity. We owe our people justice.

China must be declared a rogue nation. Nations must boycott trade and relationships with China. It cannot be allowed to get away with this crime against humanity. President Xi Jinping must be tried as a war criminal.

Savio Rodrigues

Founder & Editor-in-Chief
Goa Chronicle


Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief

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