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COVID-19: People in Mah are dying due to admin’s failure in Nagpur, says doctors body MARD

Nagpur: The Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors (MARD) of GMCH and IG GMCH members has called on Divisional Commissioner Dr Sanjeev Kumar and apprised him of the suffering through which the patients are going through.

The Resident doctors said, “On a 20-bed casualty, we had to manage upto 65 patients who require oxygen and sometimes ventilators also. We are given unofficial orders to close the casualty after a certain limit but we the resident doctors of Nagpur feel that it is unethical and inhumane to deny admission to a patient who could get better with proper treatment.

As a result of insufficient beds, nearly 100 people lost their lives not due to Covid-19 but to administrative failure in the last 15 days, said the outfit.

MARD further said the basic demand of Covid-19 patients is oxygen which is not being provided by the NMC (the local body). Even though the second wave was anticipated earlier, there was literally zero preparedness at administrative level, alleged MARD.

Government Machinery, especially civic bodies are totally becoming dependent on hospitals run by the medical education department for treating covid-19 patients.

The civic body should develop its own hospitals and stop being dependent on Government Medical Colleges (GMCs) alone.

This would not only benefit people but also distribute the load of patients.

This load-sharing would bring improvement in the treatment also, pointed out Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors (MARD) of GMCH and IG GMCH.

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