Covid Warrior – A common man!

Covid-19 in India is almost 1.5 years old now but as we are experiencing this year situation is worse than last year. Last year when it hit India we were clueless on how to deal with this situation. Lockdown imposed by Government was very much required to control the spread and to buy time for safety arrangements in the country. Teams of experts were working hard to find remedies to control the spread. People took social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to spread awareness and educate people about this pandemic.

Slowly within few months, we started learning to live with this new normal life. Online schools, work from home activities, virtual market spaces became part of normal life. Women in the house became world-class master chefs. Things which we never imagined or did earlier, we started doing it as a part of life. That was the time when everyone understood what is essential in life to survive. Within no time situation was under control.

 Small industries got badly hit. The daily wages work structure came to standstill, industries were shut for a while but Government took responsibility to feed workers. On monthly basis, money and food grains were given to them. Government never told migrants to go back to their hometown, but a chaotic situation was created by few dirty-minded people to disturb the harmony of the country.

 Without wasting time private schools and colleges were ready to start with the academic session from June 2020-21. To our surprise, online education is introduced just within two months. Teachers and kids also adopted it very well and a year passed by smoothly.  As teachers were remotely present hence parents took the responsibility of studies on their shoulders.

Somehow Government schools couldn’t do much about it. One year is almost wasted for these kids. Schools should have distributed some study materials, books to them so that learning processes shouldn’t have stopped. These days everyone has a smartphone be it an autorickshaw wala, pheriwala, or maids, so online schooling should have helped their kids to continue studies. No fees, no studies. Each child got rashan (groceries) and money from school as part of mid-day meals. But the distribution of money and food grain can be a substitute for education?

 “Loss of one year of education is a loss of one year of development”

Last year board exams merely happened before the pandemic. But knowing the impact of the pandemic, why didn’t the education board took proactive actions like restructuring of exam pattern, syllabus, etc. for 10th and 12th boards? Cancellation of board exams isn’t expected. How far kids are going to go without achieving their milestones? Online and timely exam models could have been the option for the evaluation. It’s essential to give a reward for the hard work students did for this entire year. Now parents and students are worried, on what basis they will be promoted to the next class? How fair will be the admission process for the next class?

Failed Education System means a weak future!

About the common man – working-class, people working in private companies are slogging for over 12 hours a day. Its unending work timings, a lot of work pressure but still companies crying for the losses in business. Surprisingly, the IT sector is working very well. Manufacturing industries are functioning uninterrupted. Employees/workers are working from factories. Still, the so-called business houses and big organizations are declaring pay cuts and not even paying incentives to employees. This shows their values and morals. The minimum they can do for their employees is to pay full salaries.

  The story of the middle class is the worst of all. Some of them have lost jobs or their business is shut down due to changing government rules during pandemics. No alternate income opportunities are given by the state government. Almost everyone is dealing with huge emotional and financial pressure. Bank loans, medical emergencies, school /college fees, and daily survival needs are unending.

Startup and small-scale industries have impacted highly. Bank loans, rented infrastructure, electricity bills, equipment costs, salaries of staff, etc. became overhead. Business impacted as meeting with new clients and converting leads became a challenging task for newcomers in the market.

 In-country like India, big frauds are accepted by banks but they can’t give some benefits /excuses to the genuine loan payers. Bank pressurizes them to the extent that they tend to lose everything. On one side Modiji says AtmaNirbhar Bano (Self Independent) but doesn’t provide any provision for start-ups/new entrepreneurs to sustain in the market till they achieve the goals.

 Rich and privileged people never faced money-related problems in this pandemic. They were chilling out in their farmhouses. It was a kind of long vacation period for them. Celebrities spent time on tourist destinations in India and outside. Goa and Dubai became 2nd home for them as media captured their enjoying moments. Some did charity, donated money but that doesn’t mean that they are done with their duties. Standing firmly with the government and being part of a support system is required.

Fame comes along with the responsibility but some famous people are busy criticizing Government and spreading nuisance in society. And we consider them as idols.  Shame on us!

 Hospitals are making good business and forgot their ethics completely. There is no limit to the treatment cost. The funniest part is hospitals are charging lakhs to treat corona when there is no proven medicine for it yet.

 Real Heroes, Salute to all the front-line workers!

Staff members (female) having infants, elderly parents at home are forced to work in Covid wards. Long work timing, 36 hours continuous duty. Some doctors, nurses, and technicians have shifted to hospital premises leaving their kids at home so that they can save the family from catching the infection. Some had to leave jobs and their institutions demanded them to pay dues for not serving the notice period. Every doctor is dedicated to his profession but the proper allocation of the workforce is also important. Why they are not considered Humans?

Police officials across the nation are struggling hard to protect people, regardless of climatic conditions and fear of getting infected. Many lost their lives while doing their duty. But no one is ready to recognize their sacrifice for the nation.

 People are so selfish and not adhering to the covid norms. They are roaming around, hosting events, attending marriages, partying, going for vacations, and then blaming the government if anything goes wrong with health. Basic common sense they lost that, Life comes first. Right now everyone in this world is under trauma but if everyone starts behaving as per their wish then will have to face the consequences too.

Almost on all the social platforms and forums, people are talking about losing their dear and near ones and also blaming the government for the same. But no one is telling how and from where they caught the infection, is it because of carelessness? Public exposure might be the reason for spreading infection in your family, kids, and old-age parents.

 A huge gathering of the crowd isn’t acceptable in the present situation. Kumbh Melas and Bengal election rallies are being targeted, but considering the current political situation, it was unavoidable. If not this party then some other would have run the manifesto. So it was obvious to happen. If Government would have banned Kumbh-Mela then the opposition would have raised the issue saying that sentiments of the worshippers are hurt by the Government. Farmer protest is the best example. Every religious fest is important but we must understand what is more important.

Now as the central government is back in action, all the conspiracies of state governments and opposition parties are getting exposed. Paid PR can keep shouting but there are true Indians who know the truth and it is coming out.

 Covid was there with us last year and is also present now. The seriousness of the situation was always there but there are more difficult challenges this time. This strain is more dangerous and it is air borne. We got to be more cautious and careful.  Due to some selfish, crooked minded and irresponsible people we have come to this horrible situation.

Till now we fought with physical, emotional, and mental crises but this time we have to fight the biggest one that’s the medical crisis. There is no point in a blame game. We can only overcome it if we work together irrespective of our benefits. Stay strong and safe.

 United we stand & United we win!


Article By: Radhika Kashikar


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