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Crazy Sports Joins JD Convenience Stores to Introduce Sports Lottery New Retail Business across China

HONG KONG, July 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — One of China’s top 100 internet companies, V1 Group Limited (“V1 Group” or the “Company”, together with its subsidiaries, the “Group“; stock code: 00082.HK), is pleased to announce that the wholly owned subsidiary of the Group, Beijing Crazy Sports Management Company Limited (“Crazy Sports“), has entered into a strategic partnership with Suqian Jingdong Derui Enterprise Management Co. Ltd. (“Suqian Jingdong“) to introduce sports lottery new retail services into JD Convenience Stores in China. The parties will promote the development of sports lottery new retail business, riding on the wave of upcoming major sports events to seize market opportunities and promote the “buy sports lottery at convenience stores” lifestyle.

JD Convenience Stores is one of the series of innovative smart stores forged by JD New Markets; which focuses on upgrading traditional small and medium-sized stores across China, providing them with the brand of JD, as well as strengthening the uniformity in six aspects including store image, store management control, facilities configuration, service standards, product planning and logistical delivery; to fully refined consumer experience. It joint hands with Crazy Sports to combine the strengths of both parties, to commence sports lottery new retail business and forge “All-purpose convenience stores” by installing sports lottery terminals in JD Convenience Stores throughout the country; to provide sports lottery sales and related services for the vast lottery players in the country. JD Convenience Stores now cover all administrative regions in China except Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, and has initiated comprehensive coverage at airports, train stations and highway service stations. According to public information, JD Convenience Stores’ geographical coverage will also expand into rural villages, towns and counties. This will effectively carry the sports lottery new retail business of Crazy Sports to third- and fourth-tier cities and towns, thus reaching even more new users.

During the first half of 2020, Crazy Sports has also signed cooperation agreements with other convenience stores including Shenzhen China Resources Vanguard , Dalian Lianhua Quik and Shanghai 007. Together with the 12 chain enterprise lottery sales channels that has been previously announced by Crazy Sports such as Guangdong 7-Eleven, Bianlifeng, Haolinju, and Jiajiayue, it will continuously install sports lottery terminals at sales channels in each province and municipal city to provide convenient sales channels of sports lottery tickets for residents.

The new retail business of Crazy Sports will provide lottery sales and related services for vast sports users, and act as an entry point for our lottery recommendation services ”Crazy Red Insights” to form a closed-loop commercial system. With this strategy in place, Crazy Sports has succeeded in becoming a large and unique internet sports community and lottery information distribution platform in China leveraging its core lottery user data and further refined the structure of its comprehensive online and offline sports community and lottery e-commerce ecosystem, thereby allowing users to participate in sports and sports lottery activities via multiple channels. This strategy is also capable of driving fission growth among the online and offline user base and creating a new retail model featuring online to offline user redirection and consumption through both channels, thereby bringing a positive prospect of quick linear growth.

As the five upcoming major tournaments resumes, it is expected that the sports lottery industry will see a ”retaliatory” rebound with huge commercial potential. The 2021 Tokyo Olympics, European Cup, Copa America, 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Qatar World Cup will bring enormous opportunities to the development of sports and lottery businesses. Crazy Sports will accelerate its offline layout to seize the resources in the lottery new retail market.

Mr. PENG Xitao, Joint Chief Operations Officer of V1 Group Limited and Chief Executive Officer of Crazy Sports, said, “Crazy Sports is very honoured to be in this cooperation with JD to bring lottery new retail services into JD Convenience Stores, which will not only facilitate sports lottery users to purchase sports lottery tickets easily, but also strengthen the development of Crazy Sports’ offline physical sports lottery sales network, thus expanding our user base. Looking forward, Crazy Sports will continue to form partnerships with different parties and establish more chain enterprise sales channels and ”365 Smart Stores” to attract more offline traffic, which could then convert into online users to propel the development of our sports lottery new retail business, and seize the huge potential of the upcoming major sports events.”

Dr. ZHANG Lijun, Chairman of the Board of Directors of V1 Group Limited, said, “The partnership between Crazy Sports and JD coincides with the 15th anniversary of VODone Information Engineering Group Co., Ltd, a core enterprise of V1 Group Limited. We have composed remarkable stories of success in the past 15 years, and we will start another grand new chapter today! I believe, with the solid support from our numerous users, the passionate work of our employees, as well as the confidence and support from our shareholders, V1 Group will make life better and happier; thus creating greater value for our users, employees and shareholders!”

About V1 Group Limited

V1 Group Limited first commenced its internet video business in 2005 and became listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2006. Since then, as one of China’s top 100 internet companies, the Group is principally engaged in the internet business with a focus on the Chinese sports industry. It has created and built a leading comprehensive online and offline sports community and lottery e-commerce ecosystem in China. The Group’s business scope covers the sports lottery online information and offline new retail business, internet audio-visual new media, sports games and live-streaming platform, online trading platform and other internet-related investment in the PRC and a satellite TV station in Dubai, the UAE. The Group adheres to its country, market and shareholder-oriented principle. With strong technological capabilities, the Group will maintain a steady and healthy growth momentum and continue to mine the industry. It will promote the widespread and sustainable development of the internet and sports industry, and interpret the world with a digital and innovative mindset, such that we can all live a more prolific, better and happier life.

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