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CS Orders Probe In APP’s Conduct

Assistant Public Prosecutor Frances Noronha who earned a reprimand from the Judicial Magistrate First Class Sarika Faldessai on Tuesday is now facing a departmental probe.
Chief Secretary Sanjay Srivastava has directed Director of Prosecution Shobha Dhumaskar to conduct an enquiry into the conduct of Noronha vis-à-vis the Ribandar Church case.
Ms Noronha on 2nd June had reportedly threatened to walk out of the court if the bail granted to Adv. Aires Rodrigues, one of the accused, was not withdrawn and further threatened that no other APP would appear in the case.
Adv. Rodrigues promptly lodged a complaint with the Chief Secretary pointing out that such behavior was unbecoming of the APP as it amounted to blackmail and was not in conformity with the dignity and decorum expected from a APP.
Even as this complaint was pending with the Chief Secretary, Noronha’s spat with the judge in the open court on Tuesday has now spurred the authorities to probe her conduct.
In fact, Adv. Rodrigues has even accused Noronha of being an agent of Fr. Newton Rodrigues, on whose complaint the case was charge sheeted and who since then has been avoiding appearing in the court due to which a non-bailable warrant of arrest has been issued against him.

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