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CS Undertook 39 Officials Trips In 2010

Chief Secretary of Goa, Sanjay Srivastava undertook as many as 39 official trips in 2010 including two overseas trips which amounts to nearly three trips every month.
A sum of Rs. 8,47,827 was spent on these trips of the Chief Secretary of which Rs. 5,91,099 was spent on his trips within India and Rs. 2,56,728 was spent on the two overseas visits.
Of the 27 official trips in India, 22 were to Delhi, two each to Mumbai and Hyderabad and one to Udaipur. The two foreign trips were a 13-day trip to Korea and a seven-day trip to Spain.

Srivastava also went on an unofficial trip to Varanasi under the Leave Travel Concession which cost Rs. 39,962.
Advocate Aires Rodrigues who got this information under the Right to Information Act has questioned the need for such frequent official travel particularly since modern technology enables a lot of issues to be dealt with through video conference and other media.
He further argued that the expenditure incurred on such frequent travel was contrary to the austerity measures recommended by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

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