Cuspera Launches Wyz™, an AI Advisor, to Help Business Managers Discover Best Software Products for Their Unique Needs

BANGALORE, March 5, 2020 (GCBusiness) —, an artificial intelligence-based platform, today launched a unique AI-based advisor Wyz™ (pronounced WISE) to help business managers discover software solutions specific to their business need and context. Discovery of right-fit software product takes anywhere between three months to a year, with Wyz™ this is now reduced to a few minutes. Wyz™ also reduces the risk of a wrong selection.
“The Wyz Mascot”
Wyz™ guides the business managers by asking intelligent, relevant, and personalized questions to understand the business need. Wyz™ leverages the Cuspera AI engine to find a list of software products proven in a similar business setting and matching the business need. Cuspera’s patent-pending AI engine is powered by NLP technologies such as topic detection, sentiment analysis, and ML algorithms based on semi-supervised learning to identify business needs, score and match them with products

Via UNI-India

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