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Cut-Tex® PRO calls for fashion designers to help protect from theft as lockdown lifts

WETHERBY, England, March 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Robert Kaiser, CEO of PPSS Group and brains behind world-leading cut-resistant fabric Cut-Tex® PRO advises “personal protection from theft could become increasingly important as lockdown lifts.”

He invites British fashion designers to join him in protecting the public, ensuring that the country is prepared for every eventuality. 

He continues: “swapping your regular backpack or handbag with a theft-proof bag, one made of cut-resistant materials, is a great place to start. 

“I want to see more of these bags in the market, made to a high standard using materials that people can trust, while remaining fashionable enough for everyday use.”

Reasoning: “there is a risk of rising cases of personal theft because of loss of earnings faced in the UK since March 2020.”

This concern is based on the 25% surge in personal thefts recorded in the first set of official quarterly crime figures following the 2009 recession.

This rise in ‘stealth and snatch thefts’ came with a 5% increase in robberies at knifepoint, when comparing October to December 2008 with the same period in 2007.

In 2008 unemployment rates were at 5%, but by the end of 2011, almost 2.7 million people were unemployed. The quarterly unemployment rate reached 8.4%.

According to the Office for National Statistics, 693,000 fewer people were in payrolled employment in February 2021, in comparison to February 2020 with unemployment at 5% with potential for increase. 

Robert continues: “As people head back out, they could face a perfect storm of partying and opportunistic crime because of pandemic-related unemployment.

“It is essential that the public are prepared for all potential risks, so that they can celebrate with confidence. We urge designers to contact us to support us in this.”

About Cut-Tex® PRO

Cut-Tex® PRO is a globally renowned cut, tear, and abrasion resistant fabric. With over 10 years of research, development and testing its trusted to protect those at risk from workplace injury and knife attacks, worldwide.

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