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Cyber cafes can now evict users with no identification

Cyber cafe owners in North Goa will now have the right to prohibit a person from using internet and email facilities at their place of business if the person is unable to provide the required identification documents.

The order was passed after a police report sent to the North Goa collector observed that certain anti-social elements/terrorists could be using cyber cafe facilities to affect the security of the state by misleading security investigating agencies, creating panic among the public, endangering the security of VVIPs and vital installations and aiding in terrorist activities. 

North Goa collector and district magistrate Mihir Vardhan passed the order recently under Section 144 of the CrPC.

The order added that cyber cafe owners would have to maintain a register identifying all their customers.

The customers would need to write down his/her name, address and telephone number in their own handwriting and also provide the required identity proof.

Accepted ID proof would include a voter’s card, ration card, driving license, passport or photo credit card.

The customers would also need to sign the register maintained for this purpose.

“An activity log should be preserved on the main server of the cyber cafe and the records should be preserved for at least six months,” the order stated.

It added that if a cyber cafe owner finds any customer engaging in suspicious activity online, they would need to maintain a record of the computer used by the person and inform the police immediately.

This will help police take required action against anti-social elements.

“It is necessary to take speedy measures to prevent danger to human life or safety and to thwart and prevent terrorist activities, which may affect the security of the state and create disturbance of public order and tranquility,” the order stated.


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