CyberLink Provides Best-in-Class Video Editing Software to Global News Agency AFP with PowerDirector

CyberLink Corp. (GCBusiness), the world’s leading multimedia software company, today announced a new partnership with global news agency AFP, equipping the company’s journalists with the award-winning video editing software PowerDirector. Available on Android smartphones as an app and Windows computers, CyberLink’s PowerDirector reinforces the media company’s video production workflow by enabling journalists across the globe to seamlessly capture, edit, compress and transmit video content quickly to any AFP video desk for publication.

As a global media company with reporters covering breaking news events all over the world, AFP journalists need reliable and easy-to-use tools to aptly capture and describe the events they’re covering. With PowerDirector mobile app, not only will AFP journalists be empowered to quickly capture and edit video content in the middle of major news events as they’re unfolding in real-time, but they’ll reliably be able to compress and transmit files with minimum loss in quality.

In the case of special coverage, for example a natural disaster, the first AFP journalist who arrives at the scene can easily film, edit and send exclusive footage of the event to an AFP video editing desk for publication, simply using an Android smartphone, even if they don’t have a background in video production.

“In media, there is constant pressure to be first and accurate, and when reporting on breaking news, where conditions can be tough, the last thing any journalist needs is a tech hiccup that prevents them from doing their job.” said Dr. Jau Huang, CEO, CyberLink. “AFP journalists are among the best in the world, and we’re humbled by the opportunity to provide them with a video editing solution that’s perfectly adapted to their needs.”

“We have journalists all over the world, and at times the locations they’re reporting from aren’t the easiest to navigate as we cover everything from wars and conflicts to sports and entertainment. Even with little cell service or weak Wi-Fi, PowerDirector has proven itself capable of compressing and transmitting video and photo content fast—allowing us to quickly distribute and broadcast the first important videos of an event quickly,” said Laurent Kalfala, journalist and innovation project chief, AFP.

PowerDirector is a video editing software and mobile app developed by CyberLink, which gives journalists the power to create amazing, engaging videos on-the-go. PowerDirector enables the trimming, joining, and overlaying of clips and effects, in all key formats, including new standards such as H.265 and 360-degree video.

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