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Dabolim Airport: Goa Government Earns Nothing!

While it is known fact that the Dabolim Airport – once a civilian airport – is now a part of the Ministry of Defense (MoD) in particular the Indian Navy, what is not known to many is that the Goa government earns nothing from the existence of the airport at Dabolim.

The Indian Navy earns from the aircraft landing charges. While the Airports Authority of India (AAI) earns its revenue airport handling, passenger handling, terminal navigation charges, route navigation charges, passenger security fee, aircraft parking, duty free shops, passenger parking.

So far both state government Congress and BJP have petitioned the MoD for additional land for the expansion of the Dabolim Airport to cater to growing passenger traffic and other necessities, the requirement specified is 12.5 to 15 acres on the city-side of the airport. Even the AAI in its expansion plans have requested for additional land.

The question being raised with these facts is that if the MoD and AAI, two central agencies operating and benefiting from the Dabolim Airport, would it not benefit the central agencies from accommodating the requirement of 12.5 acres to 15 acres in a total space of 1850 acres of which the current airport utilization is only 35 acres.

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